What Gardeners are Saying

H2owiser is the easiest, most versatile watering tool I have ever used.

I like the ability to set it up to water my plants, allowing me the ability to do something else, I used it to water a moisture loving Ligularia while I was digging hostas.

The multi-functional features of the H2owiser are what makes this watering device in a league all by itself – One of a kind.

Very sturdily made!

Hope your H2owiser becomes the next big thing in landscaping… certainly deserves it.

Adjustable height allows watering to get to different levels where it is needed – Up and over raised beds, rock-scaping & pots – Up to 28 inches of clearance.

“I’m doing some fire wise planning at my house and I’m using it on the east side of my property. It’s the hill side so the height works perfectly for what I want to do. I was going to purchase another one so I could use it on the east side of the property. I know this wasn’t your intention for what this product would be used for but it works. Fire protection is a very hot topic right now and your device is a simple way for a home owner to quickly set up that protection. I’ve looked on-line and most other products come with the sprinkler already attached so yours is unique for the person who already has the sprinklers and just needs a stand.”

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